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Auto Lab of Canton South | Auto Repair & Service in Canton, MI
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Customer Reviews & Stories

"I had a repair performed on my truck in March. Excellent service, complete honesty and a fair price. Recently, the exhaust repair they performed started to make some noise, so I took it in. They immediately ordered the part and said it would be no cost to me, and that it is covered under their warranty. Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone."

- Google User

"The couple in there are so nice and genuine, the husband gave me a qoute over the phone and when they checked out my car out he tryed to keep the price around the quote which was 10 more!. Great servce"

- Google User

"I was in the Canton area for business. At the end of a long day and ready to drive home to Grosse Pointe.... I realized I had a huge nail sticking out of my back tire. I drove for about 1 mile and found this Auto-Lab on Michigan Avenue. The general manager, Joe Carroll, and his staff were friendly and professional. In no time - the patch was on and I was on my way home! but it doesn't end there....I also realized that I left my purse (and wallet) in my Southfield office - without hesitation - Joe said not to worry about it (even though I had my cc info to pay). This is a great family run Auto-Lab and they deserve your business - great people. Thank you!"

- Google User

"I was so pleased with the service. They were friendly, honest and have excellent customer service! Auto-Lab is where I will take my vehicle in for service in the future."

- Google User

"Honest trustworthy owner and excellent crew. I can rely on this shop to help with anything and they are fair and do a good job. They have looked out for me many times, most recently they helped me find a set of good Hankook tires that was $150 less than an off label brand that I was quoted at a different store. Love the free wifi in the waiting area, too!"

- Google User

"We've had our entire fleet of family vehicles serviced by AutoLab South. We've had 2 Volvos, a Taurus, 2 15 Passenger Vans, an Explorer and an old Camry serviced there. They are honest. They are fair. Their prices are competitive and they take excellent care of our family. We will not take our vehicles anywhere else unless Joe recommends to. Thank you Joe & Joe for operating a business that I can trust will take care of my wife, children. relatives and friends as well as you take care of me. Customer for life."

- Google User

"Joe did a great job explaining my general maintenance program. Another service center stated I needed to have many services performed 23000 miles ago, but Joe took the time to research my vehicle on line and get me the correct timing or service, according to the manufacturer. At this visit, they only performed an oil change, but I will be bring all 4 of our families cars to Auto-Lab in the future."

"Thanks for a great experience and very good pricing."

- Google User

"Fast, efficient service. Always friendly and ready to help. Just had a clutch replaced. Got a quote, but when I picked up the car, it was $50 less. Joe was able to get a better price on the parts. He didn't have to pass that on, but he did. That's just how they are!"

- Google User

"The staff here are wonderful, helpful, and honest I will be going here from now on!"

- Google User

"Great Work -Car Runs like new ..Thanks so much !! No second thought... when I need to take care of my car ..It is Auto Lab -michigan ave -Canton"

- Evan R.

"I am always treated with immense respect by the entire staff."

- Dawn H.

"Excellent, honest service!! I've taken both of our Subaru Foresters, as well as our old Honda Civic, to the south Canton Auto Lab for years. Since Joe Alli took over the business, it's gotten even better than it was before. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and I trust them to take care of my cars... and me!"

- Dawn Z.

"This is addressed for all of the women out there. Have you ever gone to a place to get your car fixed and you felt that the price they quoted you was way to high?? I have and that is how Auto Lab of Canton South got my business. I took my car somewhere else first and got that gut wrenching feeling that I was getting taken for. I decided not to have my car fixed there. I took it Joe and they took care of me like I was a VIP customer. I have checked his pricing a few times and Auto Lab of Canton South has always been the lowest. The quality of the work has always been outstanding. Thank you Joe for opening a business that peoples daughters can go to and not feel like they are being taken advantage of!"

- Becky K.

"I can't say enough good things about Joe and the rest of the crew at Autolab of Canton South. I've been to several repair shops over the years, and have NEVER recieved this kind of friendly, courteous, and genuine care from anyone else! They treat you like an old friend and will do EVERYTHING in their power to lower your costs and get you out of their happy! Do yourself a favor and check them won't be sorry that you did!"

- Erik H.

"Great guys, honest work, they get it right. Been coming to them over the past 3 years."

- Keith S.

"I have been taking my cars to Joe at Auto Lab Canton South for about five years now. I trust them. A year and a half my daughter, who works in Detroit, had car trouble. No hesitation, had it taken to Auto Lab South. Got it there and found out that it did not have any oil. Luckily she had the money and I recommended that they put engine in there. I trust them completely. Car runs great and she loves the extra miles on the engine."

"Two months ago my son had same problem. This time blown head gasket. No hesitation on having Joe and Shawn do their magic."

- Stanley S.

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